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Product Overview

With Carrier’s 42 series fan coil units, you can select furred-in or cabinet style, in capacities from 300 to 2,000

cfm. Units are ideal for installations in residential, hotels, motels, apartments, offices, hospitals, schools and

other multi-room buildings.

Carrier room fan coil terminals provide unsurpassed year round comfort, with high cooling performance.

Carrier 42 series terminal requires very little space and is easy to install. Piping, drain and wiring connections

are readily accessible to save installation time and field labor expense.

Forget about expensive ductwork, forget about complex system controls, forget the aggravation and choose

Carrier’s easy to install room fan coil units – in pipe systems. Opt for quiet. Carrier room fan coil units

operate at exceptionally low sound levels. Generous amount of insulation absorbs operating sound and

rugged, rigid construction ensures vibration free operation at all fan speeds.

Features & Benefits

Carrier 42 series fan coils give you design and equipment location flexibility

  • Wide range of popular capacities, 300 – 2000 cfm
  • Available up to 11 sizes.
  • Cabinet or furred-in units
  • Choose from numerous control systems
  • Select 3 row coils (42CET), 4 row coils (42CET,CGT, DC, DE & DF)
  • Accommodates 2 pipe systems
  • Fully insulated/low fan speed means quiet operation
  • Draw outside air for odor dilution
  • Uses only minimal space

Save operating costs with Carrier fan coils

  • Individual unit shut-off when not in use
  • Efficient, 3 speed centrifugal fans
  • Shaded pole motors
  • Electronically Commuted Motors

    (42CET/CED003 to 012 & 42DC/DCD series)

  • High efficiency heat transfer surface

Carrier fan coils save you service and maintenance expense

  • Nationwide Carrier service
  • Insulated drain pan
  • Easy access to components
  • Rugged construction
  • Factory leak test for coil
  • Cleanable filters
  • Long life, heavy duty bearings

Select Carrier fan coils for easy, low cost installation

  • Easy wiring, piping connections
  • Mounting holes, slots speed hanging
  • Requires no expensive ductwork
  • Ideal for new construction or renovation

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