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Product Overview

It is a compact unit only 298mm in height. The four suspension brackets of the unit adopt the T shape opening, it can be installed up and fixed easily.

Four-way air distribution gives individual comfort while for localized control each diffuser may be adjusted or even shut down completely.

The unique design of centrifugal fan ensures the quiet running of the unit. This thoroughly eliminates the bothering throttle noise inside the room.

High-performance condensate drain pump encased in a special sound-insulating material removes condensate quietly and fast.

Return air enters the cassette unit through a large grille, cleaned by an easily removable, washable filter, and then keep the room air fresh through constant


The Special design of the diffuser ensures rapid blending of the supply and room air.

Conditioned air is directed along the ceiling then evenly distributed throughout the room.

Features & Benefits

Motor and Fan

>Optimized designed centrifugal fan design for 42GWC.

>High efficiency.

>Quite running with anti-vibration pads of motor.

Significant Energy Saving

The BLDC fan coil offers an average energy saving of 50% or more, compared to conventional AC fan coil units.

In automatic mode, energy consumption can be reduced even further as the unit’s advanced intelligent control technology gradually adjusts the motor speed for optimal energy saving. This adds up to a significant reduction in the total HVAC system running cost.

Super Quiet Operation

The 42GWC series fan coil unit was developed for quiet operation. Engineered with advanced low-noise fan technology, it is manufactured with state-of-art craftsmanship, adopting a large fan wheel structure and NSK bearings.

Carbon brush noise, unavoidable in conventional AC fan coil units, is eliminated in the BLDC fan coil. Most of the time, the unit is operating at medium or low speeds, where quiet operation is all the better.

Safe and Reliable

The 42GWC fan coil comes with a power factor correction (PFC) module for surge protection and improved efficiency. The high voltage power module ensures safe and stable operation under a wide range of power environment. Overload and over-current protection prevents motor burnout.

Options & Accessories

A Large LCD screen thermostat is optioned.