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Product Overview

The Carrier 19XR/19XRV centrifugal chillers provide exceptional value by achieving energy efficiency levels as high as 6.8 (EER) utilising proven technology designed specifically for chlorine-free refrigerants:

Unique concept of the hermetic compressor:

  • Single-stage aerodynamic impeller
  • Tunnel diffusers, based on aircraft engine technology
  • Motor cooled by refrigerant gas injection

Possibility to control the compressors using a variable frequency drive (19XRV) to maximise machine energy efficiency.

Use of high-efficiency evaporator and condenser tubes

Expansion sub-cooler integrated into the condenser

Patented float valve technology for optimised sub-cooling and refrigerant level in the evaporator

These advantages, together with the modularity of the units and their efficiency, economical operation and dimensional constraints allow the use of the Carrier 19XR/19XRV centrifugal chillers in any high-capacity water cooling applications.


Features & Benefits

  • Nominal cooling capacities from 1000 to 5300 kW.
  • Mix-match capabilities — a complete line of compressors and heat exchangers to ensure the optimal combination of machine components regardless of capacity, lift and efficiency specifications.
  • Hermetic compressor — elimination of leak risks from the compressor/motor shaft sealing in an open compressor.
  • Single-stage compressor with special features — aerodynamically contoured impellers, variable inlet guide vanes and movable diffusers for better product reliability and compressor part and full-load operating efficiency.
  • Variable speed compressor capability — improvement of part load efficiency and electrical performance.
  • Heat exchangers certified by the European pressure vessels code (PED).
  • Carrier numerical product integrated control offers unmatched flexibility and functionality. Each unit integrates directly with the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN), providing a system solution to controls applications.


Options & Accessories

  • Two types of unit-mounted variable frequency drives (VFDs): standard and high tier, to match different customer requirements in terms of cost and electrical performances
  • Refrigerant isolation valves allow the refrigerant to be stored inside the chiller during service
  • Pumpdown unit, combined with the refrigerant isolation valves, eliminates complex connections to portable transfer systems
  • Unit-mounted starter reduces machine installation time and expense
  • High-voltage motors available: 3000 V, 3300 V, 6300 V
  • CCN/+#us: remote connection
  • 21 bar water heat exchanger
  • Nozzle with flanges (water inlet/ outlet with flanges)
  • Delivered in four sections to facilitate the installation