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Product Overview

The 30RW/30RWA Aquasnap liquid chillers feature scroll compressors, auto-adaptive Pro-Dialog control and refrigerant HFC-407C. Evaporator and condenser hydronic modules are standard, greatly reducing the installation time. The 30RW is also available as a ‘heat machine’.



Features & Benefits

  • Ten sizes with nominal cooling capacities from 109 to 315 kW.
  • Aquasnap chillers with scroll compressors, digital auto-adaptive Pro-Dialog control and ozone-friendly refrigerant HFC-407C.
  • Can be supplied with integrated hydronic evaporator and condenser modules, limiting the installation to simple operations such as the entering and leaving water piping connection.
  • Intelligent control of condenser water pump speed and operation of glycol cooler (30RW) or air-cooled condenser fans (30RWA) to ensure reliable and economical operation.
  • Quick electrical connections.
  • Units can operate down to -20°C outside temperature.
  • The variable-speed condenser water pump automatically adjusts the water flow rate to maintain the ideal condensing conditions.
  • High-performance plate heat exchangers maximise the thermodynamic properties of refrigerant HFC-407C. From size 30RW 160 the evaporator and the condenser have two interlaced refrigerant circuits.
  • Space-saving design.
  • No plant room required — unit can be installed in a place that is open to the public, if local regulations permit.
  • The refrigerant circuit is completely leak-proof.
  • Used with Carrier 09 series glycol coolers or air-cooled condensers, supplied ready for installation with a control box. All control components are installed and tested in the factory.


Options & Accessories

  • High-pressure single or dual pump, evaporator
  • Condenser hydronic module with variable-speed single or dual pump
  • Heat pump (hot-water control)
  • Electronic starter for reduced start­up current
  • RS485 communications and “CCN Clock Board” time schedule board
  • Very low temperature glycol solution down to -10°C
  • Field water connections at the unit top